prevents fingerprints

To enjoy the taste of wine, it is important to choose the right kind of glass to drink it. It is believed that the shape of the glass bowl changes our perception to the taste of the wine. The proper way to drink from a wine glass is to hold it by its stem, especially when drinking chilled wine. This prevents fingerprints on the bowl. There are various types of utensils available in the market to serve wines. In this article I have shared some tips to select a proper glass. High quality glasses are made of lead crystal. This material has a high index of refraction. Such glasses reflect light at a higher angle as compared to normal glasses. This property of high angle reflection gives them very shiny look. These are also heavier than other type of glasses. Rough texture of lead crystals helps the wine to breathe more when we swirl it in the bowl. Most of the wine glasses are not coloured or frosted. Does the glass shape affect the taste of wine? It is a controversial subject. It is however advocated by some, that the shape of the glass enhances flavour and aroma of the wine. In general, shape of the glass is such that, the mouth of the glass is never the widest part of the bowl. Wine glasses can be broadly classified as white wine glasses, red wine glasses, and champagne flutes. White wine glasses come in various shapes, ranging from a tapered flute, to a wide and shallow bowl. Full flavoured white wines are best served, in such way that they become slightly oxidized. They are served in the glasses with shallow bowl. On the other hand, for lighter styles of white wine, oxidation is not desirable. Such wines are served in a glass with very small mouth, which reduces the rate of oxidation. These are usually served in a glass with comparatively wider bowl, which increases the rate of oxidation. It is believed that oxidation subtly alters the flavour and aroma of wine. Oxidation is considered more beneficial for red wine, its flavour is smoothed out after being exposed to the oxygen in the air.

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