EAS system oss prevention

You can also select the stamping color, whether gold or silver, and the format, whether full justified or pyramid.Leather tags bearing your name and identity can also be used to identify your bags and make your gear stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can personalize these with your name or logo and you will never miss your bag again. Some of the personalized name tags also have a secure flap with an address card and you can also insert a standard sized business card inside it.If an item has a hang tag attached to it verses a product that does not have a hang tag attached the consumer is likely to go with the one that has the hang tag. This is even more true if that hang tag offers a discount off the purchase of the item.Hang tags with brass eyelet are found in the appliance section of department stores on the door handles or inside the appliance. These hang tags often provide the consumer with expected performance information of the item. Hang tags with brass eyelets are also found in furniture department stores. They are often used on lamps and other light fixtures because it is difficult to attach a price tag to those items due to their shape. If you should go to any jewelry department store they will have a small price hang tag attached to the item. Most of the time those hang tags do not have the brass eyelet attached to them because they are so small.Or perhaps he can turn over your dog to the appropriate authorities who can communicate with you in return. One of the most important uses of a pet identification tag is security; meaning a visibly tagged dog is a clear indication that it has an owner and not a stray one. These tags come in different forms, designs and shapes and can be personalized as well. In fact there are many pet owners who go all out to show their love and concern by making engraved dog tags that are embellished with gemstones or other different materials. These are fashionable tags and many renowned fashion houses have also come out with such jewelry pieces in the form of dog ids. EAS system oss prevention retail security A pet identification tag helps ensure that you will have a positive chance of retrieving your pet should it get lost. Apart from getting back your lost pet, these tags also differentiate a pet animal from the stray ones. Especially, in recent times; when there is a need for dogs to be licensed in the appropriate manner, these pet IDs definitely come very handy for our beloved pets. For those who are not familiar with such tags; these engraved dog tags contain important information including the dog owner's name, address, phone number and sometimes even the dog's blood group. If in case, your pet gets lost or goes astray, a neighbor or even an unknown person can contact you and return the dog.

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